Sep 30



SO The LONNNNG Wait is over! Mac Selena will be releasing today to exclusive Mac Makeup members, then online to the general public on SUNDAY.

To see the full kit that you can make yours this weekend, GO HERE

Sep 29

iMessages Are Accessible By Law Enforcement!



Think all you’re iMessages are private and once your delete them they’re gone forever? THINK AGAIN. In a recent report, it was uncovered that your iMessages are logged, and can be used against you in court as long as there is a subpoena.


According to, “your blue-bubbled texts do leave behind a log of which phone numbers you are poised to contact and shares this (and other potentially sensitive metadata) with law enforcement when compelled by court order.”


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Sep 28

#MEDIAMINUTE: Mary J. Blige Sing…er…. Interviews Hillary Clinton

Ok so, Mary J Blige is fighting back at the haters who have something to say about her interview with Hillary Clinton, in which she sings to her about police brutality. I watched the commercial clip, and although its not terrible we have to see what type of reaction Hillary has.

As far as the comments and ridicule Mary is receiving, she had a special message for people on twitter.

Sep 28

#MEDIAMINUTE: Rob Kardashian and Blacc Chyna Split! Rob Health In Danger!

According to TMZ, it’s a wrap for Rob and Chyna and it looks as though the Kardashian clan is worried for their sons life because of his health.

Rob Kardashian has given up on life again, retreating to the confines of his home and gaining all his weight back … so claim members of his family who are worried his life is now in danger.
Our Kardashian sources say … Rob and Blac Chyna have split, and he’s been living at his own home for nearly 2 months, almost never walking out his front door.
We’re told Rob has gained back the 50 pounds he lost shortly after hooking up with Chyna … again hovering around 300 lbs.
Our sources say it’s become a vicious cycle. Rob has lost his motivation because of the weight gain, which has renewed fears his diabetes will spin out of control. You’ll recall he was hospitalized months ago after a diabetes scare.
Rob is also MIA for his own show. Chyna — who’s 8 months pregnant — showed up for an appearance to promote “Rob & Chyna” and he was a no-show. He didn’t even stop by the baby shower that was thrown specifically for him a few days ago.
One big problem … Chyna is the one who pulled Rob out of his depression, but now the relationship has become the big problem — they fight whenever they’re together and it just deepens the problems.
As one source put it, “Rob is slipping back into a dark place.” We’re told the family is praying he “snaps out of it,” and they want to do whatever they can to help him.

Sep 26

#MEDIAMINUTE: Drake Drops Short Film titled “Please Forgive Me” For “VIEWS”

#PleaseForgiveMe — A Film Inspired by The Album Views. Available now only on @applemusic.

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Drake had been teasing this short film for VIEWS, and delivered it last night via Apple Music.

Click HERE to watch the 20 minute short film, in which he flips “Indecent Proposal” for his own love saga…..

Sep 26


#Repost @adamlevine with @repostapp ・・・ 👶 Dusty Rose Levine 9/21/16 👏👏

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They welcomed their baby girl this weekend, who is healthy, and absolutely adorable. Check out this very sweet photo that Adam posted on his instagaram!

Her name? Dusty Rose Levine. AWWWWwwww….

Sep 26

VIDEO: What Would You Do If You Ran Into This?

I’d probably run. No THANKS!

Sep 22

#MEDIAMINUTE: Kevin Johnson targeted with Protest Pie

Last night at a charity event, Kevin Johnson was hit in the face with a pie after a protestor was able to get closer to Sacramento’s Mayor.

According to ESPN:

The mayor had given a speech at the Seeds of HOPE dinner at Sacramento Charter High School before the man came up, pulled the pie from a bag and shoved it into Johnson’s face, according to the mayor’s chief of staff, Crystal Strait.

She said the mayor defended himself against the man, but she would not give details.

The assailant was arrested and taken to the hospital, then booked for assaulting a public figure.

Sep 20


Travis Scott was hospitalized over the weekend, but thankfully it wasn’t for anything major other than dehydration. His manager posted a picture of Travis laid up in a hospital bed, but stated that he would be ok.

Feel better soon!


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Sep 20

#MEDIAMINUTE: Khloe Kardashian’s New Boo Left His GF For Her?

SO it seems like Khloe can’t get a new man without a little bit of drama attached to him, hew new boo Tristain Thompson allegedly left his pregnant girlfriend for Khloe, after meeting her at a wedding they both attended.

His ex model girlfriend, Jordan Craig went from posting on instagram every day to going ghost, and most put the timing together as when Khloe came through and snatched up her man.

“Thompson had been in a long-term relationship with model Jordan Craig. They were still together as recently as the NBA Finals. Jordan has been seen at many Cavs games and their relationship was very public.

Once Khloe set her eyes on Tristan he officially broke up with Jordan. Sources tell BSO the relationship with Jordan had always been “rocky” and they had been on and off for years, but the plot twist is Jordan maybe pregnant and Tristan is the alleged father.

Jordan who was very active on Instagram hasn’t posted for months and hasn’t been photoed on anything in a minute. The reason being she is expecting.” courtesy of bso

Doesn’t look like it’s stopping Khloe from loving up on her man in the club though! Yikes….