#MEDIAMINUTE: RZA Says There Is Some Truth To Azealia Banks' Story!

October 21, 2016

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In this bizarre run in between Azealia Banks and Russell Crowe last week, a lot of people were saying that Banks’ was probably having one of her exaggerating moments when she decided to tell her end of the story.

Now, RZA is claiming that Russell Crowe DID spit on Azealia during the argument in which she was thrown out of his hotel room!

RZA told TMZ:

RZA told TMZ that Russell DID “spit at” Azealia, but that it didn’t hit her. He also says Russell didn’t choke her or drop the N-word. Azealia on the other hand, was acting like a LUNATIC.

She was insulting everyone . . . she threatened to cut some woman with a glass . . . and when Russell “expelled her” from the room, she physically attacked him. RZA said she was, quote, “totally bugged out,” and that since she was his guest, he was embarrassed

WOW , lets see if there’s some footage that comes out from this!