#MEDIAMINUTE: Suge Knight Suing Dr. Dre? Yea.

October 25, 2016

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Every other day it seems to be a new thing with Suge to want to sue someone for SOMEthing even though he’s in jail, and this time it looks like Dr. Dre is the target!

Suge and his attorney filed a lawsuit against Dr. Dre, saying he allegedly hired a hitman to kill him all over the earnings from Beats By Dre. Suge claims that he is entitled to a cut of the profits, and that Dr. Dre never came through with his part because Apple didn’t want to be associated with Knight.

According to TMZ:

Dre’s solution, according to the lawsuit, was to hire a hitman to kill Suge at 1 OAK during the 2014 VMAs weekend. Suge was shot 7 times in the abdomen but recovered.

If it’s not one thing it’s another!