November 4, 2016

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WOW. So not only did Beyonce bring the best ratings to the CMA’s in over 50 years, she made a few new fans, but it was the people who DIDN’T want to see her in “their” genre of music that caused CMA’s to delete all traces of Beyonce’s performance from their website.

According to BET:

As reported, the CMAs completely removed any trace of Beyoncé from their website and social media channels, likely due to pressure from their outspoken audience ruthlessly sounding off in the comments section.

After fans began to notice the shocking absence of BeyoncĂ© from the official CMA pages on Facebook, the association decided to subtly share the Dixie Chick’s post of the performance.

Take a look at this in-depth look at exactly how and where the CMAs chose to attempt to erase Bey from their digital presence here, and see several tweets commenting on the situation below.

Not only did this not sit well with the Beyhive, but the Dixie Chicks Natalie Maines had some choice words for the CMA’s in her tweets:

CMA has yet to comment on the situation!